Sleeping with the enemy

"The United States has pushed for Musharraf to shed his army uniform and hold elections by January. And it repeatedly has told him that his cooperation in the war on terror is not a replacement for democratic reforms.

But officials acknowledge any U.S. response will boil down to one thing: al Qaeda.

The United States knows it needs Musharraf to combat al Qaeda in Pakistan. Musharraf knows Washington knows this. It gives him enormous leverage against the United States and a pretty well-calculated gamble that the United States can't respond too harshly." --
"Rice's admonitions for a return to democracy grew. She said the U.S. government was reviewing billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan. But even there, there are limitations.

Most U.S. aid to Pakistan goes toward military support; the U.S. counts on Pakistan to help capture al Qaeda operations and provide intelligence. "We're obviously not going to do anything that will undermine the war on terror," said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for Bush." --