Would you trust this doctor?

Or better yet - would you take drugs off this porcupine?

Jewish Cemetery on Battonnstra├če

Get ready for some poignant back story.

Don't feed the fucking birds!

Maybe it's me, but everything written in German with an exclamation mark at the end sounds like someone's going to end up dead.

The sign actually reads something along the lines of - 'The local falcons would love it if you could send some Euros their way'.

Your donation will benefit us!!
It would like to thank: the Falcon Feldberg

All your hundeschlammlochs now belong to us.

Schlammloch, to my surprise, doesn't actually mean 'prison' (like, slamming the gates locked'). It actually translates to 'mud hole'. Which was a good description of the space beyond. Much better than 'wiese', which means meadow. Which it was nothing like. And yes, all your towns do belong now to us.

OMG, it's the world's biggest E!

Now I don't even need to go to Amsterdam.

Cato Negro!

Found in a little store off Berliner Str, opposite Paulskirche, Frankfurt Am Main.