In an open relationship with ...

"You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." -- Buddha

We are all Utilitarians: Self-help and the obsession with happiness

In the second year of my Philosophy major, I read about John Stuart Mills and Utilitarianism. Right away what struck me was how awesome it was that finally, there was a system of morality that was based on rationality, rather than some historical superstitions that we are still hung up with. Reading further through Mills' work, though, it seems as hard to argue for the intrinsic legitimacy of Utilitarianism as any other morality - he pretty much says that happiness is a great thing because everyone aims for it, and therefore we should make society aim for its maximization. Everyone aims for air, but I wouldn't make that the core of my morality.

Jamie's poem

In Spiderman 2, Peter Parker is told
it is "wrong we should be only half alive ... half ourselves"
that "love should never be a secret."

Massive Attack describes love as a verb
Trent Reznor as the perfect drug
and Captain Picard as a way to achieve that perfect moment
when times seems to stop
and you could almost live in that moment.

If you were the ocean and I was a fisherman

If you were the ocean and I was a fisherman
I would skirt your boundaries
Make forays into your depths
Without losing my land legs.
I would favour the rockiest outcrop at the base of a cliff
I would stand there while the tide came in
And I would never turn my back on you.
Far from the beaches where the numerous gather like walruses, would I steer
I would not join the birds whose beaks spear your shallows
And I would frown at the old-folk
Who comb your shores for empty husks
Like gravediggers scouring the tombs of a resting child queen.

I want to come to you like a stranger

I want to come to you like a stranger.
I want to inhabit the space where romance and intimacy overlaps - where we are family, without contempt.
I want to take you in like an oyster
That you have prepared yourself:
In your entirety.
I would like to know whether our charge
Is to make the extraordinary ordinary
Or to find the ordinary, extraordinary -
To make everything beautiful
Or to find beauty in all things.