After the fire: Confessions of a dangerous bibliophile

I am trying to purge. Not physically, mind you – but materially: I am trying to bring myself to throw the bulk of my archived boxes of notes, journals, diaries, readers, and even diskettes and cassettes. The problem now, as it has for a long time, is that I am a hoarder of ideas.

When I was six or so, I had a giant (it seemed to me then) travel case beneath my bed. It became my ‘memorabilia box’.

Just another Timothy Ferris fan boy blog post

I recently received a hardcover copy of Timothy Ferris' The Four Hour Body (4HB). A storm has formed around the book’s release – a meteorological curiosity that has only compounded since Ferris’ earlier book, The Four Hour Work Week, took off. I am guessing that, starting late last year, many of the following things started popping up on the web and in various gymnasiums, because of Ferris’ new book:

Where my Kindle Editions have appeared on the web

The following table lists the sites where I have managed to get my academic and fiction titles commercially listed as a result of my Amazon Kindle submissions.

Where my Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) titles have appeared on the web

The following table lists the online bookstores that I have found to be selling my LAP titles (all of which are also available through my own bookstore, or on Scribd). I have previously discussed the pros and cons with going with LAP; the length of this list is not necessarily meant to support the 'for LAP' argument - it could just as easily be a lesson in how, once you have been published with LAP and they've gone sick promoting your work on your behalf, the proverbial genie is way out of the bottle.

Example: If you have published some crazy thesis on the benefits of taking mind-altering substances, good luck in sanitizing your online persona if you later wish to run for office!

Why do we "E-confess"? Some theories regarding, and proposed responses to, voluntary over-disclosure on the web

A recent New York Times article explored a sexting incident at a US high school, in which a full-frontal shot of a Year 8 girl quickly went viral, and her school – and the law – made examples of three of the photo’s original disseminators. This endeavour to police what seems to be an internal matter amongst teens seems almost laughable. Case in point, the first three students to receive the sext in question (two of whom were girls themselves) were up for child pornography felonies.[1][2] These charges in particular seem absurd on at least a couple of levels: their arbitrary scope[3] (the first three recipients), and the misuse of a law (child pornography) meant to prevent the exploitation of minors by adults.[4]

Why we can, and should, breed out masculinity

Women are overtaking men. The only questions that remain are why, and what to do about it.

One theory is that it is happening because guys simply do not wish to take on more responsibilities - especially when they already have their avatar in Second Life to look after – and are all too happy to surrender the reins of power and let women fill the responsibility vacuum. If that is the case, by their actions, guys are saying to women, ‘It’s all yours’, and that’s that.